InGame Esports Launches Cricket Sixes – A New Mobile Cricket Experience Geared For Esports


March 7, 2024

Developed in-house this marks InGame Esports entry into the game development space

InGame Esports, a leading Video Games & Esports powerhouse in South Asia, recently announced the launch of its original mobile game, ‘Cricket Sixes’. Developed in-house, Cricket Sixes aims to shake up the mobile cricket gaming landscape in the region, offering a unique, competitive experience designed for both casual and hardcore gamers.

Cricket Sixes which combines the thrill of cricket with the accessibility of mobile gaming, marks InGame Esports’ venture into game development. With over 15 years of experience in the Esports industry, InGame Esports has leveraged its knowledge to create a mobile cricket game that stands out from the competition.

Cricket Sixes boasts a unique gameplay structure, offering a thrilling two-over challenge where players must bat and bowl within a limited timeframe, providing an intense and dynamic gameplay experience. With intuitive swipe, touch, and tap controls, the game ensures a seamless experience for players across all skill levels. For a touch of realism, the game incorporates motion-captured batting animations. The distinctive low-poly aesthetic ensures smooth performance across all mobile devices, prioritizing inclusivity for players regardless of device specifications.

The game’s customisation options allow players to personalise their character with various in-game items such as bats, helmets and other equipment. In addition, Cricket Sixes also offers a unique platform for sponsors and brands, with opportunities to integrate their branding seamlessly within the game’s environment through stadium branding and more. The game has already made waves in promotional events in Sri Lanka, including the Lanka Premier League auction campaign and the National Olympic Day celebration, showcasing its versatility and engagement potential.

The game is designed to be Esports-ready, featuring a dedicated spectator mode for thrilling tournament broadcasts. InGame Esports has already showcased the title’s Esports potential by including it in some of its recent events through its brand in Sri Lanka, Gamer.LK. The game received prestigious recognition, earning the Bronze award at the National ICT Awards (NBQSA) 2023 of Sri Lanka.

Cricket Sixes is currently available for download only on the Google Play Store from

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