Gamer.LK launches MetaDupath – a Metaverse platform


April 23, 2022

Gamer.LK, Sri Lanka’s leading Games & Esports organisation, announced the launch of their metaverse platform – MetaDupath earlier this month. The first MetaDupath experience, the Gamer.LK Meta Avurudu, featured a traditional Sri Lankan Avurudu festival where players could virtually walk about, interact with festival-goers, take part in mini games and educate themselves about the various Avurudu games featured on the island.  The experience was released exclusively with Sri Lanka’s top game-streaming influencers to showcase to their large youth audiences. 

“The concept of the metaverse is in its infancy and Gamer.LK is taking an early step forward to put local creators firmly in the driving seat of shaping what the metaverse can be for the world. With our first experiential Meta Avurudu festival, we’re creating the groundwork for our metaverse platform. We’re excited to share our roadmap with the digital entertainment consumers both in Sri Lanka and across the world.” Raveen Wijayatilake, CEO, Gamer.LK / InGame Esports.

Metaverse is broadly being painted as the future of the internet and a relatively large amount of hype is associated with the term. A virtual world that can be accessed anytime across any device – PC, game console or even a phone and continues to exist even once you disconnect from the experience is the essence of what the metaverse means. Brands such as Coca-Cola, Gucci, Hyundai, Louis Vuitton have already entered the space internationally by building experiences in the metaverse. The term metaverse became more popular recently as Facebook changed its corporate name to Meta and announced plans to spend $10 billion on its vision for the metaverse. Elsewhere, the metaverse is being dubbed as a trillion-dollar revenue opportunity ripe for companies and investors to get involved in. 

Top Sri Lankan streamers and local gaming personalities rallied around to experience the Avurudu festival in MetaDupath and livestreamed their experience to their fans bringing them along for the journey. Building on the success of the festival, plans are already underway for the next experience on MetaDupath.


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