InGame Esports sets example for Esports work-place culture with Great Place to Work certification


July 2, 2022

InGame Esports has been named one of 2022’s Great Places to Work, by the global authority on workplace culture, Great Place to Work (GPTW) making it one of the first Esports companies to receive such certification. InGame has risen rapidly to become one of South Asia’s best Esports organisations, owing much of its success to a flourishing workplace.

Earning the ‘Great Place to Work’ title involves deep analysis by the GPTW team on a company’s workplace culture, management and employees’ mindsets after which a company is scored on its ‘Trust Index’ and awarded the title. The InGame Esports team’s shared passion for Esports and gaming culture has created an atmosphere of fluid communication and infectious enthusiasm which is evident with InGame Esports receiving over 90% on the Great Place to Work Trust Index.

“We at InGame Esports & Gamer.LK have always had a work culture quite unlike any other. A company built by gamers, we’ve found the perfect balance between work and play – where the lines often blur in the best ways possible! We felt it was important to maintain this fantastic work culture as we went head-on into our growth stage, and engaging with Great Place to Work helps us with that goal” said Raveen Wijayatilake, CEO of InGame Esports

In filling a niche as an Esports ecosystem builder, InGame Esports has grown quickly. Since the beginning of 2021, the operation has seen rapid growth owing to more than a quadrupling in employee numbers. Getting the best out of each uniquely skilled member of the InGame Esports team has been made possible by prioritising a company culture fitting the unique gamer mindset of each employee. InGame does dynamic and fulfilling work while allowing employees to work entirely remotely.

This level of trust and accountability is part of InGame Esports’ core. Through a passionate and dedicated team of enthusiasts, InGame has put together some of the biggest gaming tournaments and events in South Asia outside of India and has redefined how brands communicate with young people through gaming-related content. Alignment of work and passion, enriched by a team that supports each other to the fullest, has made InGame Esports a Great Place to Work.

The Great Place to Work which originates from the USA, has taken its mission of helping every place become a great place to work for, all around the globe. They are the world’s foremost assessor of high-trust and high-performance workplace cultures and are Fortune magazine’s consultants when creating their list of the ‘100 best companies to work for.’

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