InGame Esports and Tencent Games Team Up to Broadcast PUBG MOBILE action from the Road to Asian Games


August 11, 2023

InGame Esports, a leading global Esports agency, worked with Tencent Games, the popular game publisher of PUBG MOBILE, to broadcast the recently concluded Road to Asian Games (RDAG) PUBGM Asian Games version on the official PUBG MOBILE social channels.

The RDAG was created by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and the Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) as a seeding tournament leading up to the Esports medal event at the highly anticipated Asian Games 2022 in Hangzhou, China. This marks a significant milestone for Esports in Asia as this is the first time Esports is being considered as a medal sport at the prestigious multi-sport tournament.

PUBG MOBILE has been included in the Asian Games with a fresh format and gamestyle as the PUBG MOBILE Asian Games version, which offers participants a variety of real-sport game experiences, including exhilarating activities like parachuting, cross-country shooting, and racing. This innovative blend of classic gameplay with elements from modern sports events, such as triathlons, celebrates the spirit of sportsmanship – a key factor at the Games. The RDAG included this mode which saw national PUBG MOBILE teams from across Asia take part.

The RDAG broadcasts were made accessible to a wide audience through the PUBG MOBILE Esports page of Tencent Games, a collaboration that saw InGame Esports spearheading the broadcasting efforts. With their expertise in the Esports industry and their past successful partnerships with Tencent on events like the PUBG MOBILE National Championship South Asia Wild Card in December 2022, InGame Esports was the ideal choice to power the RDAG broadcasts.

Commenting on the partnership, Ramesh Liyanage the Director of InGame Esports said, “We are extremely happy and proud to take on a new challenging opportunity of this scale with Tencent. PUBG MOBILE Asian Games version was a brand new game mode and many people had not played or seen proper gameplay of it, which meant we had to take extra care to make sure that every detail about the game was clearly identified and conveyed by the casters through the broadcast.”

Tencent and InGame Esports have continued to collaborate in many ways, creating opportunities to elevate the Esports scene in South Asia. The success of previous projects like the marketing campaigns for the PUBG Mobile Pro Leagues South Asia and PUBG MOBILE Global Championship in 2022 paved the way for this expanded collaboration.

As the RDAG campaign concluded successfully, the spotlight now shifts to the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou, where Esports will make its first mark on the global stage. The partnership between InGame Esports and Tencent promises even more exciting developments as they continue to nurture and promote the PUBG MOBILE ecosystem in South Asia and beyond.

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