InGame Esports appointed as production partner for IESF World Esports Championship ‘23 Asia Region Qualifiers


May 19, 2023

InGame Esports, a leading global Esports Agency, was appointed as the production partner for the highly anticipated IESF World Esports Championship ‘23 Asia Online Regional qualifiers.

The International Esports Federation (IESF) serves as the unifying body for World Esports, with a mission to promote Esports as a legitimate sport beyond geographical boundaries. It comprises 130 member national federations from around the globe and strives to provide equal support and opportunities for Esports athletes on a global scale.

The World Esports Championship will feature 120 nations competing in seven game titles, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota 2, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, PUBG MOBILE, Tekken 7 and E-football.

The Asia Regional Qualifiers are held to determine the countries that will represent Asia at the IESF World Esports Championship. The online qualifiers were held for CS:GO, CS:GO Female, Dota 2, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and PUBG MOBILE. All the selected teams except for PUBG MOBILE, will now be proceeding to the LAN phase of the qualifiers happening at Gamers8 in Saudi Arabia where the first-ever Asian IESF regional LAN event will be held.

InGame Esports as the production partner was responsible for producing and broadcasting the Asia Online Regional Qualifiers which took place from 1st to 21st May 2023. The livestreams featured casters from across the world to commentate on the live action. InGame Esports designed the broadcast including a custom virtual set for the broadcast depicting regional visual themes to localise the broadcast to the Asian region. InGame Esports enabled a data-rich broadcast utilising deep integration with each game title, enabling an additional layer of statistical analysis to the fast-paced Esports.

The selection of InGame Esports by IESF follows their successful collaboration on the production and broadcasting of the Tencent-organised PUBG MOBILE National Championship South Asia Wild Card tournament in December, as well as the marketing of the South Asian PUBG MOBILE Pro Leagues in 2022 and 2023 and PUBG MOBILE Global Championship in 2022.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with InGame Esports for producing the Asia Regional Qualifiers online. Their unparalleled professionalism, technical expertise and unwavering passion for Esports shined through every aspect of their work and made it an effortless and enjoyable partnership. Through their work, we delivered a seamless and exciting viewing experience for the audience and a smooth competition for the players.”, said Boban Totovski, General Secretary of IESF.

“We are thrilled for the opportunity to work with the IESF to showcase Asia’s finest Esports talent to the world. Being selected as the production partner for this prestigious event is a testament to the technical prowess and capabilities of our team at IGE.” stated Ramesh Liyanage, Director of InGame Esports, “We look forward to working with the IESF further and taking on new challenges as InGame Esports becomes the leading force in Esports production within the region.”

As the IESF World Esports Championship draws near, anticipation is mounting among Esports enthusiasts. This milestone campaign for InGame Esports brings them one step closer to their vision of elevating South Asia’s Esports talent and industry to a global standard.

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